About Us - Rebba

About US:

At Rebba, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best ethical factories across the India. Source only the finest materials Organic Cotton. And share those stories with you down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency.

We spend months finding the best Organic cotton to make the T-shirts the same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships

At Rebba, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our products for years, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials for our timeless products

Our design is rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practice. We manufacture the finest fabrics for softness and durability, and incorporate organic and recycled materials in packaging and wherever possible.

Our Mission:

An inclusive clothing brand and community that celebrates humans in all their forms.  

Rebba is a clothing company based out of Bangalore, India. That creates wardrobe staples for humans. The heart of Rebba is to restore your relationship with clothing and to celebrate the strength and resilience of your body. To make organic affordable which we believe can help inspire change. We want individuals to not only care about what they put in their body, but what they put on their body.

We use eco-friendly fabrics with Organic Cotton & Eco friendly dyeing that have minimal environmental impacts

We research our materials meticulously to find the finest quality natural organic fibers, recycled and low-impact fabrics complete with environmental and social certifications.

The versatility of our pieces allows for prolonged use and all of our packaging, stationery, and marketing materials are printed on recycled paper. We don’t dictate how to live, but provide high quality classics, remained for modern living.

Our Values:

We care about the world we live in and as such we try and tread lightly, keeping things simple and made local.

Our collections are manufactured 100% in India using organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited numbers.

By using natural dyes, our intimates are kinder to the environment and to your skin. Using plant dyed organic cotton

Eliminates the use of toxic chemicals throughout our process. It also makes a crucial difference to the lives and health of the people involved in making our garments.

Our Vision:

We’re committed to making designs with a low environmental impact in places that treat workers well.

When it comes to choosing where we make our clothes, factors such as quality, reduced environmental impact

Initiatives and conditions for workers in the facility are top priority. Our partners share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency

We make the best clothes for lifestyles as diverse your days. Clothing that moves with you, loves a washing machine, and is tailor made for a life that’s unpredictable. Buy with longevity in mind. Although our garments might be an investment, they’re expertly designed for the long haul. That’s why we make everything in the highest quality materials we can get our hands on. We know each product has to keep up with the men who wear it. Styles to live in now and love forever

Organic Cotton Matters: Our organic cotton is free of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms. The toxins used in growing non-organic cotton are harmful for farmers, workers, us as consumers, and the entire ecosystem. We feel the effects of these toxins in our daily lives in the way of irritated skin, rashes and even headache, which can be caused by chemical residue trapped in the bers. Yet despite these risks, less than 1% of all cotton is grown organically. Our cotton and cotton blends are durable, smooth and have a soft finish.