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Organic cotton is cotton that is grown and produced according to organic agricultural standards. This means that it does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Although it uses land and water, the land is sustained through crop rotations, ecosystems are preserved and it is usually rain fed, drastically reducing the environmental impact.

Zero Pesticides:

When normal cotton is grown with lot of pesticides, it damages the soil. Most of farming practices take time to adapt to organic cultivation. Organic cotton which in turn utilizes only the required water and largely free from artificial and harmful substances & it doesn’t affect the quality of the air without affecting the environment. Farming technique uses natural compost and manure ensuring that great reduction in greenhouse gases.

Genetic Modification “A big no”

GMO seeds have various speculations with shorter cultivation times and high yield nature but it directly affects the environment and also health of the human. With organic cotton, due to fair trade circumstances, Farmers yield good compensation as the cultivation goes with guidelines certified; hence the GMO seeds are nowhere involved in organic cotton produce.
Whats the point in making organic cotton – Why choose organic cotton T-shirts over normal cotton?

Dyeing Process:

Strictly NO highly hazardous chemicals (such as AZO dyes and formaldehyde)

We at Rebba take immense effect in choosing how your t-shirts are colored. When it comes to organic cotton t-shirts, it is ensured that no toxic dye or bleach is left over on the finished fabric hence affecting the consumer with skin and neuro related problems. Our Organic cotton tshirt produce are residue free.
It directly means that no allergenic or carcinogenic substance are used or left on the t-shirts.

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